Since Cyrus is on her own kind of bizarre ride, and loves the cartoony side of life, that resonated. Hammering home her love of stonedness or perhaps just weirdness, she also rode a giant hot dog and frolicked with furry monsters. Cyrus plays crazy but is a trendsetter. The way she mixes country music melodies with electronic dance music and hip hop, for example, is currently being copied by Ke$ha, another artist on pop radio. But something about how Cyrus sold her huge gestures at cheap nike free the Dome came off as pure. Perhaps she sets trends because on some level she's just being who she is. Toward the end of the show, in a sympathetic gesture, Cyrus set up a second stage in the back of the arena to play acoustic songs for the cheap seats. Fans in that area got a faithful rendition of Dolly Parton's country classic "Jolene," and a folksy version of OutKast's "Hey Ya!," two beautiful songs delivered simply and with feeling.
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The blog is devoted to discussing and answering questions about the major issues facing the Wake County school system. How will the new student assignment plan balance diversity, stability, proximity and stability? How will Jim Merrill replace Tony Tata as the new superintendent of the state largest district? How will voters react to a $810 million school construction bond referendum on Oct. 8 ballot? How will cheap jordans this fall school board elections impact the future of the district? is maintained by The News Observer Wake schools reporter, T. Keung Hui. While Keung posts information and analysis on the issues, keep us posted on your suggestions, questions, tips and what you doing to cope with the changes in Wake schools.Bill LuMaye is warning that the Wake County school board election results means more prison cells will be needed and school board candidate Heather Losurdo wants you to cancel your subscription to The News Observer. "Hey congratulations Wake County," LuMaye said on his show today on WPTF. "You decided on a jobs program. That right. As you know, the Department of Corrections looks at fourth grade reading scores in order to build prison cells.So in the future, based on your voting this past month or so, more Correction officers are going to be needed so you may want to apply right now. Do I sound cheap nike free bitter? No, I really not."As noted in this September piece by Fayetteville Observer columnist Myron B. Pitts, this claim that reading scores are used to project prison beds isn true.Back to the show, where the conservative talk show host then welcomed Losurdo on air.LuMaye asked Losurdo, who he said "deserves a big thank you," whether it was worth it to run for school board."Yeah, I think so," Losurdo answered. "Do I like everything that happened, not myself, my family got put through? Absolutely not. But you know what, I hung with them and I very proud of how we ended up. I wish it would have turned out differently, the results. But it not. We are where we are. We just need to keep moving forward."LuMaye asked Losurdo if she would consider running for school board again in the future."You know I haven really thought about it, but Bill I don have one skeleton left in my closet. There will be no surprises," Losurdo said to laughs from nike free 5.0 LuMaye. "I don know.The support I had, I never felt anything like that in my life. It was truly amazing. It still is. I will remember every single person, every single email. I got cards in the mail thanking me profusely for sticking with it. And you know what, I always been a servant and so who knows what the future holds."LuMaye asked Losurdo if she will still be active in the school system."Oh certainly," Losurdo answered. "You now, we need to hold these people accountable.